About me:

Hi, I’m Denise. I was born and raised on the eastern shore of Maryland where I met my husband Mike, we married 1989. We relocated to north west Georgia in 1998 and that is where we live to this day. We raise chickens, we have a pet pig named Amy Swinehouse, a house bunny named Chance, 4 cats whose names are Spookers, Little Cat, Ginger and our porch panther who we call Baby kitty. Last but not least, my old fat happy dog named Walker that I inherited when my dad passed away in 2015. Walker is my constant companion and he has his own little area in my studio where he mostly naps, however he is on standby in case he needs to bark at the mail lady when she stops by.

I have 2 grown sons and 7 wonderful grand children ranging from 1 month to 10 years old. Occasionally they join me in my home studio and you may see something they have made appear in my store. For example, My oldest grandson John likes Bigfoot and in the past has made a few small dishes and Dan loves to help glaze ornaments. 

I began my love of clay and pottery in high school, I fiddled a bit with painting ceramics in the 80’s and 90’s. After leaving my 9-5 job in 2007 and all the stress that came with it, I decided to do something that I really enjoy and that I have a passion for and here I am today. I started making pottery as my full time income in 2008. 

I’m a self-taught potter, it was a long journey through trial and error. Boy oh boy were there lots of errors. My husband named my first kiln “the little shop of horrors”. I admit, I did blow a few things up, who knew clay could explode… I also once melted an entire kiln load of mugs, who knew clay could melt? 

I enjoy using my pottery wheel (wheel throw), I have recently fallen in love with hand building (making things from a slab of clay) and occasionally I incorporate molds in my art. Whenever I use a mold, it will be noted in the product listing. I haven’t used any molds in several years, I might let them make an appearance in the near future.

I have a fully equipped home studio here on my property in north Georgia where I like to spend my time creating things that bring me joy. I hope you will find something in my shop that brings you joy as well. 
I appreciate your support.